Developing a Sense of Fashion


Developing a sense of fashion is a bit like learning a foreign language – it takes time, patience and practice. But it’s worth it if you want to look and feel your best. It’s also a fun way to express your personality and unique style.

The fashion industry is huge: millions of people design, make, transport and sell clothing. And, as you might have guessed from the countless magazines and billboards, it’s a highly competitive business.

It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when fashion began, but historians date the start of continuous and accelerating change in European clothing styles to late medieval times. The evolution of fashion can be attributed to many factors, including wars, political upheaval and changing ideas about beauty, sexuality and wealth.

In order for a fashion to be considered a trend, it needs to be widely adopted and followed by the general public. This can happen consciously or unconsciously. When people who are popular or have high social status wear new or different clothes, others will follow suit in a similar way to demonstrate solidarity and respect for these individuals. The popularity of a particular style can also be spread through the media, for example music videos and celebrity outfits.

Fashion can also be influenced by culture, religion and beliefs. For instance, religious leaders may endorse certain types of dress and discourage other forms. Similarly, ideas about beauty can be shaped by the type of jewellery worn, the colours chosen for fabric and the style of hair.