What Is Technology?


Technology is the rational process of creating means to order and transform matter, energy and information in order to realize valued ends. The term also refers to the set of tools and devices, ranging from toothbrushes to transportation systems, created through this process. It can also include the knowledge that makes it possible to use these tools and devices; this subset is often called “technology knowledge.”

Communication Technology includes the various tools used for transmitting information in a way that allows people to share ideas, thoughts and emotions with each other. These tools can be used for business, education and personal purposes. Communication technology is a crucial part of human life as it allows people to stay connected with one another.

The most common forms of technology are computer hardware, software and telecommunications. Computer hardware consists of the physical components that make up a computer such as processors, memory and disk drives. Software consists of the programmed instructions that allow computers to function. Telecommunications consists of the networks that connect computers with each other and with the outside world.

When designing new technology, it is important to consider the larger context in which it will be used. The materials, tools and energy needed to build and operate it will need to be obtained; if they are unavailable or expensive, the technology may not be viable. It is also important to consider how the technology will be maintained, repaired and replaced when necessary. This is the concept behind the idea of appropriate technology, which developed in response to concerns that many technologies were being designed without considering how they might be accessed and maintained by the populations they serve.