What Is Business Services?

The Business services sector encompasses numerous types of companies that provide intangible services to businesses and customers. For example, a consulting firm that helps a manufacturer with the creation of a new product or service could be considered part of this industry. Other examples of business services include a marketing agency that provides advertising and promotion for a company, an IT consulting firm that works with a business to upgrade its computer systems or an engineering firm that tests electronic products for standards compliance.

Many of these services are needed by businesses to function efficiently, which means that the industry is a large one. The type of work in the field varies, but it often includes tasks like providing customer support, writing reports and designing software, as well as providing a wide range of other services that help keep a business running smoothly.

Some people choose to pursue careers in this sector because it offers a flexible schedule and the opportunity to travel, and because many jobs are performed remotely, allowing you to work from home or another location with Internet access. However, a career in business services may not be the best fit for people who don’t handle stress or have strong interpersonal communication skills, because these types of roles typically require close collaboration with clients. In addition, the job market for this industry is volatile and the pay isn’t always competitive with other sectors. Nevertheless, the European Commission has set up a high-level group to address issues in the field and stimulate growth.