How to Write Newsworthy Stories


News is information about events that are of public interest. It includes political events, crime, accidents, disasters, births and deaths. It also covers entertainment, business, fashion, sport and the environment. It can be presented verbally or written. Newspapers are common sources of news, often printed in black ink on a white background. Radio and television are also sources of news, often broadcast live. Online media such as news websites also offer news, sometimes with commentary.

To be newsworthy, a story must have at least one of the following elements:

First, it must be current. The story should not be about an event that happened a week ago; the community will already have moved on. The story should begin with a hook that draws the reader in, such as a dramatic anecdote, a surprising fact or a breaking news update. It should then lead into the “nut graph”, which explains what the story is about, why it is important and why readers should care.

Money is always a topic of interest, especially fortunes made and lost. But it is also interesting to see how much a person can give away in order to make a difference. Health is another important issue for most people, so stories about hospitals and clinics, diseases, medical research and traditional remedies are popular. In addition, most societies are interested in sex, even if they do not discuss it openly. The most interesting sex stories usually involve behaviour that goes against society’s generally accepted norms.