How Strong Relationships Can Improve Your Well-Being

Whether it’s your friends, family, co-workers or the people in your community, having strong relationships can improve your well-being. Research suggests that having close relationships may help you deal with stress, manage your health and even add years to your life.

Mutual Support

Having a strong network of close relationships can improve your mental and physical health by providing you with a sense of belonging. It also increases your resilience to life’s challenges and enables you to better handle hardships. Moreover, knowing that you can count on your loved ones to support you in times of celebration and adversity contributes to your sense of meaning and purpose.

Emotional Growth

Healthy relationships allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your emotional responses and teach you healthier ways to express them. They also encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and to set and pursue meaningful goals that will enhance your quality of life.

Physical Intimacy

A healthy relationship is one in which the two of you are comfortable expressing love physically through kissing, hugging and cuddling. Alternatively, you and your partner may choose to be intimate in other ways. For example, some couples may enjoy non-sexual activities such as going for hikes or cooking together.

In a great relationship, you and “the one” are on the same page about your life goals and work together towards them. You are able to communicate openly about issues you face and respect each other’s opinions.